Currently, around 3 to 8 per cent of eggs received by hatcheries from farms are upside down. A modern hatchery processing over 300,000 eggs and chicks per day, could have up to 24,000 upside down eggs each day. This is mainly due to human error, loading the setter trays incorrectly.

Ceva has developed a solution to save these misplaced eggs currently being processed each day, with the Upside down detector. This modern technology can identify up to 99.8 per cent of upside down eggs before they enter the hatchery process.

Through the use of this pioneering piece of equipment, a medium sized hatchery, processing around 300,000 eggs each day, could correct over 23,900 eggs per day by using the Upside down detector, resulting in an increase in the number of good quality chicks being processed.

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