Transfer room

As soon as the eggs start their journey through the hatchery, Ceva’s intelligently designed equipment ensures a smooth, clean and fast process from farm tray to incubator.

As part of our commitment to ensure the highest quality of animal welfare and biosecurity, our egg processing equipment is designed to meet the throughput capacity of today’s modern hatchery, while maintaining these high standards.

At Ceva we understand that maximising processing capacity is of paramount importance. This is why our specialist chick room equipment, such as the Egginject, Laser Life and Upside down detector work to ensure that eggs being processed are of the highest quality. Whether that is ensuring that the candling process removes deads and non-viable eggs from incubation, or ensuring that all eggs are correctly positioned, ensuring a better hatch - our equipment is designed to work for improved hatchery efficiency.

Laser Life

Our latest egg candling technology measures the heat emission of embryos to identify and remove clear and dead eggs. With outstanding accuracy at very high speeds – up to 99.9% of fertile embryos are identified at 18 days. Laser Life is 100% reliable for identifying and removing clear eggs at throughput speeds up to 60,000 eggs per hour.

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Currently, around 3 to 8 per cent of eggs received by hatcheries from farms are upside down. A modern hatchery processing over 300,000 eggs and chicks per day, could have up to 24,000 upside down eggs each day. This is mainly due to human error, loading the setter trays incorrectly. Ceva has developed a solution to save these misplaced eggs currently being processed each day, with the Upside down...

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Our state-of-the-art in ovo vaccination system uses double disinfection and patented dual pressure technology to deliver a safe, accurate vaccination to around 60,000 eggs per hour. Available for all sizes of hatchery, Egginject is easy to operate and can be installed as a stand-alone system or part of a fully integrated solution.

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Egg transfer

With the high volume of eggs that need to be transferred in a modern hatchery, it is essential that this is done with the utmost care, to ensure both a quick and gentle transition from setter tray to hatcher basket. At Ecat-iD we have developed our suction cup transfer unit capable of handling 90 000 eggs per hour. With this high capacity rate combined with the easy to clean suction cups, not only...

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Tray stacker

Ceva offers fully automated tray stacking solutions, which can have both single or dual columns, and which are capable of processing up to 600 trays per hour depending on setup. With its smooth transition from belt to trolley, there is a minimal risk of disturbance to the hatching trays, ensuring a safe journey from the egg processing line, to incubator.

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