Chick processing room

From the time chicks leave their incubators to being transported away from the hatchery, they need to be cleanly separated from their shells, accurately counted, sexed and carefully placed in their stacker trays in a fast, stress-free process.

Ceva works tirelessly to ensure that all its equipment works together efficiently and effectively, reducing the amount of manual handling that can cause injury or stress to the birds and drastically reducing floor and trapped chicks. Creating the smoothest, safest process at the hatchery and producing the highest quality of chicks is the main purpose of Ceva automated equipment.

Egg separator

Saving time and labour costs, our egg separator carefully and efficiently allows chicks to pass through rollers onto a conveyor below with egg shell waste automatically separated and removed. Care is taken to minimise stress to chicks with adjustable belt speed and drop heights, achieving a throughput speed of 90 000 chicks per hour.

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Chick counter

Moving chicks as quickly as possible through the hatchery is paramount. Our automated chick counter can process up to 90,000 chicks per hour, via two separate belts, ensuring that the exact, correct number of birds is filtered into baskets ready for swift transportation to farms in time for their first feed and water.

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Tray destacker

The hatching tray destacker allows for a quick, smooth de-stacking of trays from trolley to processing line. With a smooth motion, the transfer process has a minimum amount of stress for the chicks.

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